Green Spirit RX - Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of the top Caribbean destinations, taking pride in offering visitors warm hospitality. Puerto Rico is an island full of wonders, giving visitors much more than a cookie cutter resort experience. Puerto Rico is not a one day cruise stop where you schedule a few tours and move on to the next island. There are various destinations within the island, each offering many points of attractions and world wonders to explore.

Tourism in Puerto Rico with its modern amenities and services, world class hotels, gorgeous beaches, city life, historic sites and natural treasures; it attracts millions of tourists every year, many becoming repeat visitors. Retirees seeking for US amenities with a Caribbean climate and lifestyle, are investing in Puerto Rico and making the island their second home. Give yourself the chance to experience a different state of mind while in Puerto Rico. Open up your heart, and allow the island to enchant you. Taste our food, move to our music, feel the warmth of our people and allow the beauty of our land to embrace you.

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There’s so much wonder in Puerto Rico, you’ll be coming back for more. The more you explore, the more you’ll fall in love. Choose a region that appeals to you, get a car rental for a few days, and you’ll understand why Puerto Rico often takes the top spot for best vacation destination in the Caribbean.

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