Green Spirit Rx is a Puerto Rico medical cannabis dispensary launched to help Puerto Rico patients with all their medical cannabis requirements. From compassionate cannabis education to featuring a variety of medical options, Green Spirit Rx strives to be Puerto Rico’s first choice for medical cannabis therapies. With this goal in mind Green Spirit Rx is spreading to every corner of Puerto Rico’s beautiful landscape to be able to offer the best service to its patients, no matter where they are located.   Green Spirit Rx is on a mission to establish first-class medical cannabis care in Puerto Rico. Opening in Spring 2018, the team is committed to the health and well-being of its patients. The team believes compassionate cannabis care should be easily accessible for any person living with critical and chronic illnesses. Through transparency and education, Green Spirit Rx empowers its patients to take control of their own healing.   Along with the biggest chain of dispensaries in the island, Green Spirit RX offers exclusive products to its patients. Working alongside growers and manufacturers, Green Spirit Rx is creating and improving products and services for the benefit of its patients.