If you’re looking for a stimulating strain that increases your energy and focus, sativa should be your go-to. Sativa strains are famous for their uplifting effects. Looking for a bit of inspired creativity? Sativa. Need a little motivation to get through that spring cleaning? Sativa.

Contrary to what some people assume, not all weed makes you stoned and lazy. Some yes. But not all. Sativa is not that weed. Sativa is mentally exhilarating, offering more of a “lifted” effect than anything. This invigorating type of weed is awesome for social situations, stimulating conversations, and creative pursuits. Sativas also make the best “wake and bake” strains, just in case you’re interested in smoking pot in the morning. Not a bad way to start the day in the slightest.

Popular sativa strains include:

The effects of Sativa are said to be uplifting and allow you to bring your creative side out. Medicinally, it can treat ADD and mood disorders. Some of the more popular flavors under the Sativa strain include Sour Diesel, Jack Herer and Lemon Haze.

Cannabis Sativa plants are opposite of the Indica strains and grow tall and thin with narrow leaves. Sativa plants are also generally a lighter shade of green than their counterpart, the Indica strain. Sativa strains take longer to grow, mature, and require more light. Medicine produced from cannabis Sativa plants have lower CBD and higher THC counts.